Estate Planning and Asset Protection in Maryland

The Law Office of Maureen F. May can assist and guide you in taking control of your future through estate planning and asset protection in Maryland. We are dedicated to helping you:

  • Draft a Will
  • Create trusts for spouses and children
  • Nominate legal guardians for minor children
  • Designate trustees to manage assets
  • Draft medical directives
  • Designate a healthcare decision-maker
  • Draft a general Power of Attorney
  • Make end-of-life arrangements
  • Petition to serve as guardian of a disabled person
  • Answer questions
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Estate Administration

When someone passes away, they may leave behind assets that require transfer to a new owner. Certain assets may constitute a probate “estate,” and either Maryland law or a Will dictates the division of those assets. The Law Office of Maureen F. May can assist you in this process by:

  • Assessing which assets are probate or non-probate
  • Investigating and communicating with creditors, brokers, and other accounts
  • Determining which fees, taxes, and other expenses apply to the estate
  • Establishing the estate as a legal entity
  • Communicating with interested persons
  • Overseeing accounting of estate assets
  • Settling debts and handling claims made against the estate by creditors
  • Calculating and supervising the distribution of estate assets
  • Preparing documents and forms for submission to the register of wills and its assigned auditor
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Wills and Estate Planning

Everyone over age 18 needs an Appointment of a Healthcare Agent and a Will, and most adults also benefit from having a financial Power of Attorney in place. We recommend that everyone, from college students to seniors, draft and keep these documents up-to-date.

Many individuals presume a close family member would be allowed to manage their medical care and/or finances if they become seriously ill or injured. Similarly, many assume that if they were to die without a Will, their assets would automatically transfer to a surviving spouse or surviving children. However, that is frequently not the case.

Express authority must be given to someone to manage your money and make medical decisions. Likewise, a valid and enforceable Last Will and Testament is one way to ensure that your assets, family heirlooms, money, and other personal and real property are transferred in the way you wish. In addition to asset distribution, a Will allows you to appoint guardians and trustees for minor children, make individual bequests, and create trusts to care for your loved ones.

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Power of Attorney and Medical Directives

During your lifetime, having a valid and enforceable Appointment of a Healthcare Agent and Power of Attorney can protect your well-being and assets. If you are seriously injured, legally incompetent, ill, or otherwise unable to handle your affairs, having these documents already in place will keep life running more smoothly. Drafting these documents ensures someone you trust will be managing your affairs.

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Adult Disabled Guardianship

Maureen May represents and counsels individuals seeking appointment as a legal guardian of the person and/or guardians of the property for disabled persons. Mrs. May is a routinely court-appointed counsel for alleged disabled persons in separate proceedings. She also welcomes the opportunity to act as a court-appointed guardian of the property of disabled adults.

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